Our fees are charged per term and are reviewed annually.

Fees for September 2023 to September 2024

Year Termly instalment of the annual fee Annual fee
Reception - Year 2 £3,695 £11,085
Years 3-4 Day £5,425 £16,275
Years 5-8 Day £5,975 £17,925
Years 3-8 Boarding (4nights) £7,595 £22,785


Unlike many schools, the fees above include the cost of all term time trips, including residential trips both in the UK and abroad. They also include all meals and hobbies run by St Hugh's staff.

Casual Boarding

£54.25 per night
  2 nights pre-booked - £87.50 per week

Breakfast Club

£6.95 per session


N.B. A full term's notice, in writing, is required before the removal of a pupil from the School.

Instrumental Music Lessons

Instrumental Lessons £24.50 per lesson
Instrument Hire £57.50 per term
Violin Hire £30.50 per term

For more information regarding music tuition please click here.

St Hugh's Nursery

Standard hourly rate £7.95
Full day rate £54.75

(8.30am - 3.30pm inclusive of appropriate snacks and drinks.  A cooked lunch is optional and will be charged as below.  Alternatively, you can provide your child with a packed lunch.)

Sessional rate £22.50

(3 hour period inclusive of appropriate snack and drinks)

A freshly cooked lunch from the School Kitchen £3.95

French, the Green classroom and PE are included without any additional cost. Swimming is £4.25 per session. There may be additional charges for trips outside the Nursery with your consent.  Please Note:  From the term after their third birthday, children are entitled to the Government Early Years Education Entitlement (EYEE) funded hours free. For children accessing this, any additional hours will be charged at the standard hourly, sessional, or full day rate of £7.95/hour, £22.50/session, or £54.75/day

There is a charge for optional Ballet Lessons of £5.50 per session, which includes children who are eligible for Early Years Entitlement (EYE) Funding. 

After-School Club

Session 1 (3.30-4.30pm) £8.50
Session 2 (4.30-5.20pm) £7.75 (inclusive of a cooked tea)
Both sessions £14.75

Holiday Club

For children in years up to, and including, Year 2.

Full Day £44.95
Half Day £23.95

Minibus Transport

(Charges vary according to the distance from school)

Less than 8 miles from school: £4.75 per journey
Between 8 miles and 15 miles: £5.50 per journey
Between 15 miles and 20 miles: £6.25 per journey
Over 20 miles: £6.95 per journey

Nursery - 30 hours funding lesson charges

Swimming (Mon & Fri AM) £12.95
Forest School (Wed PM) £7.75
PE (Wed AM) £7.75
Music (Tues AM) £7.75
French (Thurs AM) £7.75


Disclaimer - information provided on this page is intended to be accurate, but no liability can be accepted for errors. Please consult the Headmaster in case of a query.