Nursery Admissions

Starting at nursery can be a big step for both parents and children.

We aim to work in partnership with parents and carers to settle the child into the group environment to ensure they feel safe, secure and comfortable with staff and their surroundings.

We aim to give consideration to the individual needs of children and families and give confidence to parents, enabling them to feel comfortable that the needs of their child will be met.

  • Information will be provided to parents through a variety of media, including; setting brochure, parent information displays, policies and procedures, newsletters, website, learning journeys, information sessions and individual meetings.
  • Following enrolment, children and parents or carers will be invited to visit for settling sessions if they wish.
  • A key person will be allocated to each child prior to the child starting at the session (or after a period of the child settling in, depending on what meets the needs of the individual child).
  • The settling sessions will be used to introduce the staff, answer any questions about registration, go through the daily routines and answer any queries that parents may have.  Most importantly it gives the child the opportunity to play and meet others in the class, including staff.   
  • Some parents may not feel that their child will need a settling session, you know your child best and we will be guided by you in these matters.
  • On their first session parents may stay, although again we will be guided by parents.  Some parents prefer to leave quite quickly and allow their child to settle independently.
  • Regular discussion will take place with parents around their child’s progress and how their child is settling in. These will be based on relationships with staff and peers, participation in activities, familiarity with routines and ability to access the resources and provision that they choose.