Year 6

The Teacher

The form teachers in Year 6 are Mme Magali Clayton (6C) and Mr Phil Wingham (6W).


The School Day

The school day runs from Monday to Saturday. Registration is at 8.25am but you are able to leave your child in the appropriate classroom from 8.15am, provided the class teacher is there.

The end of the day is normally 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday unless your child is staying for tea. Children should be collected by the signing out desk and signed out when you leave. Your child has a numbered peg along West corridor for their coat and a locker in the common room for personal items. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, school finishes at 3.30pm if your child is not involved in matches.

Please Note: We require permission before allowing anyone other than parents to collect children from the school at any time. Therefore parents must inform staff if their child is being collected by someone other than themselves. This can be a letter or a call to the school office.

Before School - In order to help working parents, children can be booked in for breakfast. Please take them to the Dining Room and hand over to a member of staff for 7.45am. There is a charge for this facility and bookings must be made in advance.


The School Timetable

In Year 6 your child is taught solely by subject specialists. Pupils can also opt to do either Latin or Spanish as a second language.

Your child will also be taught by the following teachers:

Art & Dt - Mrs Kerry Cook-James

English – Mrs Flora Bonnar-Mackenzie

French - Mme Magali Clayton (set 1) and Mme Catherine Brabant (set 2)

Geography and History - Mr Viv Jeffery

ICT - Mr Gavin Sinnott

Latin - Mme Magali Clayton

Mathematics - Mr Richard Goodhand

Music – Ms Sam Kerby

PE - Miss Katie Wood

RE - Mrs Sharon Sinnott

Science – Mrs Bernie Costello

Spanish - Mme Catherine Brabant

Swimming - Mrs Katie Felton



Pupils in Year 6 get two 30 minute homeworks each night. These can either be done at home or in the Forbes hall after tea with a member of staff.



In Year 6, your child will have games coaching from a variety of staff on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Their games kit is kept and washed in school, only returning home at the end of each term. Your child will also be involved in school matches every term.



Your child will go on a number of trips in Year 6 as part of the curriculum. These include Lincoln castle, a mosque, a science workshop and an outward bound trip. The cost of all trips is included in the fees.



Communication between staff and parents is vital to an excellent working relationship and ensuring that your child gets the maximum out of his or her time at St. Hugh's.  Your child will be given a handbook which contains relevant information for your child and their reading record.  If you have anything you wish to discuss face to face, your child’s Class Teacher is happy to see you at the end of the day. We ask that you make an appointment to do this by contacting the School Office or emailing the relevant teacher. Alternatively, you may email the form or subject teachers directly but please allow up to 72 hours for a response. Their email addresses can be found by clicking here.

At four and eight week intervals in the Autumn term, you will receive a effort grade sheet for each subject. These are also sent home at half term in the Spring and Summer terms. You will also receive a written report at the end of each term. 

There are two parents evenings during the year. These are held in the Autumn and Summer term in the Forbes Hall. No appointments are necessary and you will be able to see all your child's teachers if you so wish.

Parents are invited to attend various events throughout the year, including plays, the elocution competition, Sport’s Day  and music concerts.