Art & DT

St Hugh's School has a range of specialist facilities to support the teaching of Art and DT:

  • A light and airy art room
  • A DT room equipped with Hegner saws and pillar drills
  • A food technology room
  • A kiln

Art lessons start formally in Reception though painting is very popular in the Nursery. In addition DT lessons start in year 5 and both subjects then continue to be taught throughout the school. In addition there are various art hobbies on most evenings and on Wednesday and Saturday lunchtimes.

There is also a scholarship art class on Friday evenings. Scholarships in recent years have been won to Kingham Hill, Lincoln Minster, Oakham, Repton, Stamford and Uppingham. Each scholar has the option of creating a work of art on a wall in school to inspire future generations of pupils and, with so many scholars over the years, we are running out of wall space!

The recent ISI inspection found that "the quality of artwork is exceptional throughout the school."