We are extremely pleased with our last ISI inspection. The inspectors recognised the quality of so much that we do across all spheres of school life be it teaching, boarding, pastoral care or the Nursery. The following is an overview of the report with every statement being a direct quote from the report.

A full copy of the inspection report, the short inspection visit undertaken in July 2016 and the short inspection visit undertaken in March 2017 can be found via the download section in the right hand box. 

“Teaching is firmly based upon an understanding of the pupils’ needs and the way in which they learn, and the very best teaching involves pupils fully in their learning.  Teachers are very well qualified and have commitment, dedication and a huge enthusiasm for their teaching. They also have excellent subject knowledge, which they use both to explain and to ask questions that stimulate pupils to deepen their thinking. Teachers know their pupils very well and serve as excellent role models.  Planning is excellent, with very detailed lesson plans and excellent medium- and long-term plans.  Target setting is good and fully understood by most pupils, and is used well by the staff to raise achievement and to help stimulate pupils’ effort and motivation.  Assessment is very thorough and reflects the progress made by the pupils and the understanding the staff have for the needs of individuals. Oral feedback in class is excellent and supports marking, and staff take every opportunity to praise and reward. The school has a strong culture of praise, rewarding good behaviour and effort.”

“The provision for pupils with SEND, and for gifted and talented pupils, is excellent.  Testing and screening pupils for SEND are excellent, and for all pupils who need extra support a comprehensive set of personal learning plans is prepared by the special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO).”

“The quality of pupils' spiritual development is excellent. Pupils interact confidently with each other and adults, allowing each to have their own opinions and values. They display a composed self-awareness during their time at school. Their strongly established self-confidence enables them to face the challenges of school life very positively and constructively.”

“The quality of pupils' social development is excellent. Pupils demonstrate excellent social awareness and a mature approach to their relationships with others. The quality of pupils' cultural development is excellent.”

“By the time they are ready to leave the school, pupils demonstrate well-rounded attitudes to life and a maturity that enables them to benefit from all that the school provides, in order to support them during their transition to senior schools.”

“Pastoral care is a particular strength of the school; pupils confirm that they feel extremely safe and happy. The well-structured arrangements are given a high priority within the school’s ethos and routines, supporting the pupils’ personal development exceptionally well.”

“The school’s provision for extra-curricular activities is good, and in sport, music, art and drama it is excellent. A significant number of pupils are awarded art or music scholarships, and almost 85 per cent of pupils play a musical instrument with a significant proportion reaching levels well above expectations for their age. In sport participation is excellent, and pupils regularly compete both locally and in county squads.  The quality of artwork is exceptional throughout the school.”

“The quality of boarding provision and care is excellent.  The outcomes for boarders are excellent. Boarders’ happiness is apparent in everything they do and say: that the staff care for and about them is equally evident. The boarders are confident, sociable, mature and extremely proud of their school.  They are comfortable with adults and peers alike. The relationship between staff and boarders is caring and affectionate.”

“Provision in the Nursery  is outstanding.  The contribution of the early years provision for the children’s well-being is outstanding. The key people are skilled and experienced, and serve as excellent role models, displaying courtesy and respect for others. Throughout the setting, behaviour is exemplary.”

Finally, to quote our parent body, the inspectors noted:

“A large number of parents responded to the pre-inspection questionnaire. The great majority expressed very high levels of satisfaction, citing the good quality of care their children receive, the warm family atmosphere that the school promotes and the generally high standards of behaviour.”