Year 7 Entry

At St Hugh’s, we welcome pupils to join us in Year 7 to benefit from our unique learning environment before embarking on the next leg of their educational journey.

There are a number of reasons why children join us for Years 7 and 8. Some pupils join because they have moved to the area, others join from local primary schools, and some may have sat their 11+ and narrowly missed out so are seeking entrance to a Grammar School at a later date.

Whatever the reason, choosing to join St Hugh’s at Year 7 has many advantages and, during their time here, pupils are fully prepared for the next stage of their education, wherever their aspirations take them.

  • Developing Confidence

Many parents recognise that their child is not quite ready to make the jump from a small primary school to a large senior school. Underpinning everything we do at St Hugh’s is the care and support needed for children to thrive and feel important. Here, children can take the two years with us to grow in confidence and self-esteem so that they are ready for that next step.

  • Enabling Transition

We fully equip pupils so they can make a smooth transition to their next choice of school and preparation, support and guidance is provided for any entrance exams, scholarship applications, and interviews. Pupils benefit from small class sizes and our unique learning philosophy focuses on personal characteristics, ensuring our academic provision is tailored to the individual child. With specialist teaching in French, Music, Art, Science and Sport, combined with a range of extra-curricular hobbies on offer, our pupils adopt a healthy, rounded, approach to school life and are ready for their time at senior school.

  • A Boarding Experience

Our flexible, weekly, boarding provision provides children who join us at Year 7 the opportunity to experience boarding, many of whom for the first time. The Boarding House has a strong family feel, giving children a real sense of security and warmth that prepares them for future boarding, should that be their choice for senior school provision.

Future Schools

We work closely with pupils, and their parents, to help with the choice of secondary school beyond their time at St Hugh’s. Further information on Future Schools can be found by clicking here.

Find out more...

We welcome families to visit us and meet with our current Year 7 and 8 pupils to find out more about life at St Hugh’s and what we have to offer. To book a visit, please contact the School Office by emailing or phone 01526 352169.