Our broad curriculum at St Hugh's School is designed to stimulate, inspire and challenge our pupils throughout their time with us, whilst preparing them for future success. With average class sizes of 14 and a maximum class size of 20, staff are able to pay close attention to the development of each child and adapt what they deliver to an individual’s needs.

Literacy and Numeracy are core curriculum staples at all ages and we enjoy high standards of achievement in these areas. The emphasis within Years One and Two is on ensuring the children’s key skills develop well.  Alongside the usual curriculum subjects studied at this age our pupils receive specialist teaching in

•    Forest Schools

•    ICT

•    Music

•    PE

•    Science

•    Swimming

However, from Year Three, our pupils enjoy even greater breadth in their curriculum, and will cover all of the above as well as:

•    Maths

•    English

•    Science

•    Art

•    Drama (all pupils are involved in an annual production)

•    Music – (all pupils perform in at least two concerts during the year.  Many will be involved in one of the two choirs or school orchestras)

•    French

•    Humanities

•    Over four hours of swimming, PE and team sports each week

•    Pupils can also choose to participate in a broad range of hobbies.

From Year Five we introduce even greater breadth into the curriculum, which includes most of the above as well as:

•    History

•    Geography

•    Design Technology

•    Foreign Languages (all pupils continue to learn French but they also receive tuition in Spanish and Latin)

•    Religious Studies

•    Pupils also enjoy over five hours of swimming, PE and team sports

During Years Seven and Eight, pupils study a very broad range of subjects in preparation for transfer to their chosen senior schools.  Individual tuition is often provided to enable all pupils to achieve their potential. 

Our excellent success rates in both Common Entrance and in scholarships are indicative of the high standards the pupils consistently achieve. At this stage, pupils will cover the following subjects, to an advanced level:

•    Drama (the spring term production is a highlight of the year, giving all senior pupils a chance to participate in a full length musical accompanied by a professional band)

•    Food Technology

•    Foreign Languages (French and either Spanish or Latin)

•    Music  (many pupils will be involved in one of the two choirs and the school orchestras which often play full symphony pieces)

•    Textiles