Policies and Guidance

St. Hugh's has a significant number of policies in place to ensure the well being, happiness and success of your child.

We do not wish to overload you with these and so only the key policies can be seen below. Other school policies can be seen on request in the School Office.

To contact Mr. John Harris, the Chairman of Governors, please write to him c/o St. Hugh’s School.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. 


Admissions Policy - updated September 2018

Anti bullying policy -  updated June 2018

Anti racism policy -  updated October 2017

Curriculum Policy -  updated October 2018

Curriculum Plans -  updated October 2017

Disability and accessibility policy -  updated October 2017

Electronic Policy - updated October 2018

Equal Opportunities Policy - updated January 2018

Ethos and Aims

First Aid and Medical Policy -  updated September 2018

Health and Safety Policy - updated May 2018

Homework and Prep Policy -  updated January 2018

Instrumental Music Policy -  updated October 2018

Learning Support Policy - updated October 2018

Marking and Feedback Policy -  updated January 2018

Mental Wellbeing Policy updated June 2018

Missing and uncollected pupils policy - updated Spring 2017

Parental Complaints Policy - updated May 2018

Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy - updated June 2018

Presentation Policy  updated October 2017

Reporting and Assessment Policy -  updated April 2018

Risk of Fire Policy updated January 2018

Risk Assessment Policy - updated January 2018

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - updated October 2018

School Code of Conduct -  updated October 2018

Staff Recruitment Policy -  updated October 2018

Supervision Policy - updated January 2018