Visible Learning Programme

As a school we embarked on the Visible Learningplus programme in May 2016.

Based on the work of Professor John Hattie, and working with Osiris Education we looked at all existing aspects of teaching and learning, how effective it was and what areas could be improved. As a result an action plan was put together which has been implemented over the last 16 months with remarkable results in pupils’ progress and motivated staff:

  • There’s a collective feeling among staff that their expertise is growing
  • Pupils are now taking more responsibility for their own learning
  • Pupils have a clear understanding of both the process of learning and what they need to do to progress.

Director of Studies at St Hugh’s, Gavin Sinnott, was invited to present the findings at the IAPS conference at Wellington College and also at the Visible Learning World Conference in 2019.  Commenting on the success of the programme, Mr Sinnott says “Like any other school, we want to ensure that we support and challenge our pupils in achieving the best possible results. However there is only a limited amount of time available each day and so the key question is how can we use that time to the best advantage to ensure that pupils make the greatest possible progress?

He continues “Fundamentally it ensures that the school focuses on the things that make the biggest difference to pupil achievement.”

A copy of the Impact Study can be downloaded by clicking here.