A letter from David Attenborough

Wilf, Year 7, was over the moon to receive a letter from Sir David Attenborough!

As part of his iPQ project, Wilf chose to research ‘How we can preserve turtles and keep their environment safe’.

Wilf decided he needed some advice from an expert and wrote to Sir David Attenborough. He was absolutely thrilled when the postman delivered David’s reply.

The handwritten letter read:

Dear Wilfred

The only practical way I can suggest for protecting turtles, is to ensure their laying beaches are left undisturbed.

Best wishes


Every pupil in Year 7 chooses a topic to explore for their ISEB Project Qualification (iPQ). The iPQ provides a framework for teaching and assessing the development of independent, pupil-led research-learning, taking the form of a 15-20 hour project.

We look forward to seeing Wilf’s completed project and hearing about what his peers chose to research!