A Maths Lesson at the Shops

Year 3 pupils are learning about money in their current Maths topic. Aiming to make Maths relevant in real life scenarios, Mrs Corner decided to take the class on a trip to the local shops.

Pupils visited Sainsbury’s where Mrs Corner had set them the challenge of a quiz where they had to locate certain items and work out calculations. Then, working in their groups, they were given a shopping list of items to buy in Co-op. They had to total the cost of all the items on the list and work out their change, remembering to ask for a receipt to they could check they were correct. An incentive of the trip was that they could distribute their shopping to various lucky staff members and also enjoy a few treats themselves!

It was a great experience with children not having handled money due to Covid19 and the increased use of card payments. A successful shopping trip indeed!