A Wet Set Cross Country

What an afternoon we had on Friday for our Annual Set Cross Country which brought the first half of a busy term to a close. Every pupil in Prep School ran for their set in age group races in front of a large crowd cheering them on. With an abundance of rain, the course was altered to ensure the safety of all children and the pupils. With all three age groups staying onsite, the spectators actually got more opportunity to see the children run so every cloud has a silver lining! It was lovely to see some of our former pupils return too. Distances remained relatively similar, with the U13s completing a three lap course, U11s one and a half and U9s one. 

Though cross country is not everyone’s favourite, it is a real test of resilience and we certainly witnessed this over the course of the afternoon. It takes a lot of grit and determination - especially in the conditions we had! Well done to all participants for contributing set points and particular congratulations to our podium finishers below! We look forward to our Charity Fun Run on the final day of the Spring Term - get your trainers on as this one is for the whole school community!


  • 1st - Harriet (Y4) WHITE
  • 2nd - Faith (Y4) BLUE
  • 3rd - Annabelle (Y4) WHITE


  • 1st -  Beau (Y4) WHITE
  • 2nd - Giovanni (Y4) RED
  • 3rd - Edward R (Y4) RED


  • 1st - Charlotte (Y6) RED
  • 2nd - Arabellla (Y5) RED
  • 3rd - Coco (Y5) RED


  • 1st - Sebastian (Y5) WHITE
  • 2nd - Joshua N (Y6) WHITE
  • 3rd - Rory P (Y5) BLUE


  • 1st - Florence (Y8) WHITE
  • 2nd Charlotte (Y8) RED
  • 3rd - Kitty (Y7) RED


  • 1st - Rupert (Y7) WHITE
  • 2nd - Aydin (Y8) BLUE
  • 3rd - Charlie (Y7) WHITE


  • 1st - WHITE
  • 2nd - RED
  • 3rd - BLUE