A Wild Day Out!

A fabulous recount of Year 2's visit to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park by Joseph, who was awarded a WOW award for his work:

"A pride of Year 2s visited the Wildlife Park for our Animals topic.

To start, we saw 100 parrots called the African Grey. Jess the zookeeper said if you bobbed up and down they would copy you. They made me laugh!

Next we marched to see Nigel, the three-legged Puma because he had arthritis. He can still run very fast – 15 miles per hour. A puma is a cat that can meow. I thought he was about to eat me.

After we had seen Nigel, on the information board there was a photo that looked like human meat. That gets fed to the tiger. The tiger’s face looked so creepy like a snake.

To end the day we saw the hospital and there were some eggs in an incubator. There were some parrots, one of them was multi-coloured. Some of his feathers were plucked off! We saw a parrot and when we said “hello” he said “hello”. He made me laugh and he laughed back.

The trip was amazing. My favourite part was the tiger. If you go, I recommend you see Scar."

Jospeh F-S, Year 2