A1 Maths Challenge Day

Thank you to Megan B for the recount of the A1 Maths Challenge Day at Witham Hall...

"Today some of us mathematicians travelled to Witham Hall for a Maths Day.

The team was Megan, Michelle, William L, Fergus, Elias, Euan, William C and Charles.

We got in to school and headed off to Witham Hall. When we arrived we split off into two groups of four. Team 1 was William C, Fergus, William L, and Eli. Team 2 was Megan B, Michelle, Euan and Charles. 

After some juice and biscuits we cracked on with the maths. The first thing we did to warm up was a team challenge. Both teams struggled a bit with this but we understood that after being on the bus for over an hour we were always going to struggle. The next round was a crossword round. Both teams did a lot better with this round, achieving very high scores. For the next round, we had to split off into pairs in our team for the shuttle round where one pair would answer a question and then it would help with the answer to the next one. Again, both teams were good at this. There was then a crossword which both teams found very fun. Finally, the last activity before lunch was a logic round and both of our teams were very much into this – it didn’t take us long to figure out the answer!

Then we went and had a very well deserved lunch before playing outside in the walled gardens. Thank you to Witham Hall for a very good penalty shoot-out!

It was then time to go back inside. We started with a quick fire round which both teams were very much enjoying but we also found it a little bit more challenging. The final round we all really liked. It was a relay race – we had 40 minutes to answer 30 questions. In our fours we split into two pairs and one pair was on one side of the room and the other on the other side. We took it in turns to answer the questions. Both teams did very well with this too.  

The final score was:

  • 1st Witham Hall 2 
  • 2nd Witham Hall 1
  • 3rd St Hugh’s 1
  • 4th St Hugh’s 2
  • 5th Burton Hathow 

Thank you to Witham Hall for hosting an amazing day and thank you to Mr Nicholl and Mr Goodhand for takings us."

Well done everyone!