Adventures in France

Our Year 5 pupils had a wonderful week in France. Throughout the week we looked forward to their daily updates:


Bonjour! We have arrived safely in France for our adventure! We managed to catch an earlier train so we have had extra free time to play and explore the residential centre.


Bonjour! Everyone had a good night's sleep and enjoyed a lovely French petit-déjeuner. We are ready for day two!


Bonjour! We’ve been spending lots of euros today at the chocolaterie and a supermarché! We then had a lovely time exploring Boulogne-sur-Mer and we are now experts on snails after a very interesting visit to a snail farm. We even ate some and most of us loved them! It is cold but at least it is not raining. We are looking forward to our karaoke evening!”


Bonjour! We had a very busy day today. We started with a trip to Le Touquet and had to buy our own picnic using our best French! Unfortunately, it was too cold and windy for a picnic on the beach but we really enjoyed our visit to a fishing museum. We finished with a stop at Étaples Military Cemetery before a lovely dinner. The escargots were the favourite item on the menu tonight!


Bonjour! We are now experts on bread making and pottery! Excited to be on our way home to share all our memories and show all our purchases! À bientôt!