Annual Intra-School Swim Gala

It was a busy afternoon poolside on Monday for our Annual Intra-School Gala which saw every child in Y3-6 compete in their chosen events. It was great to welcome so many spectators and I know the children appreciated the support.

As our swim captain Annabelle said in her opening welcome, this event is an opportunity for all our pupils to experience competitive swimming in a familiar environment, regardless of ability. Pupils work towards this event in their curricular swimming lessons and it is always a real pleasure to watch them rise to the challenge and put into practice what they have learned.

Whether accomplished club swimmers or novices, swimmers chose their events and competed in ability graded races. There was some outstanding swimming on show and congratulations must go to Annabelle, for breaking three long standing school records! Annabelle smashed the 4x1 IM record in a time of 51.96s, last broken in 2012 in a time of 56.16s! She then went on to break the 2 lengths breaststroke in a time of 28.87, also held since 2012. In her final event, Annabelle swam 2 lengths front crawl in a time of 21.15s, scraping a new record by milliseconds! A fabulous achievement and great to see her hard work pay dividends. 

The opening event of the afternoon is the Individual Medley Finals which sees the fastest four qualifying times compete in a mixed stroke race. Well done to all those pupils who entered the heats and congratulations to our finalists and winners (below). 

U9 Girls 3x1 Individual Medley

  • 1st - Penelope (59.78)
  • 2nd - Harriet (64.57)
  • 3rd - Coco (65.63)

U9 Boys 3x1 Individual Medley

  • 1st - Joshua (63.81)
  • 2nd - George (65.53) 
  • 3rd - Sebastian (68.47)

U11 Girls 4x1 Individual Medley

  • 1st - Annabelle (51.96) NEW SCHOOL RECORD
  • 2nd - Charlotte (64.04)
  • 3rd - Alicia (66.52)

U11 Boys 4x1 Individual Medley

  • 1st - William C (61.88)
  • 2nd - Charlie (63.00)
  • 3rd - Charles (72.12)

Throughout the afternoon, those with the fastest time in each event were awarded with a gold medal and those with the second and third fastest time congratulated on the podium for their efforts.

The set relays were as competitive as ever and the atmosphere poolside was fabulous! With white set winning 4/6 of the set relays, the results were as follows -

  • 1st - White (50 points)
  • 2nd - Red (40 points)
  • 3rd - Blue (30 points)

Thank you to all staff involved and to our parents for supporting the children.

Mrs Katie Felton, Director of Sport