Art Trip

A recount of the trip by Imogen L, Year 8

"On Tuesday 20th Sep, Year Eight went on a trip to Burghley House, Stamford for an art trip with Mrs Foote and Miss Reynolds. It was an amazing trip. There were a lot of designs based on animals, shapes, faces and all made out of different materials such as wood and metal. We walked around the garden and then chose a sculpture that we could sketch. We all made some dragonflies out of wire. While we were eating our packed lunch, a lady came over to compliment us on our blazers and her dog ate Huxley’s sandwich! The last thing we did was explore the Garden of Surprises, which had a mirror maze and lots of water! We all enjoyed it very much. I want to say thank you very much to Mrs Foote and Miss Reynolds for taking us."

Thank you, Imogen, for making us smile! We are glad you all enjoyed the day.