Back to the Classroom

It was back to school time for the parents of our Reception class children to learn all about phonics. At the start of Miss Hainsworth’s presentation there were some slightly puzzled faces as she introduced everything from digraphs to trigraphs and Harriet the Cow to dough disco! Thankfully, it all became much clearer with games and activities and soon everything started to fit into place and make perfect sense. Although, it certainly reminded everyone how difficult and confusing the English language is to learn.

There was even time for a workout to the sound of the Vengaboys as parents got ‘squiggling’ with squiggle cloths. This is something our Reception class pupils enjoy doing in their phonics lessons and involves moving to different pieces of music – helping develop their fine motor skills and preparing them for writing tasks.

We hope everyone enjoyed their phonics lesson and really appreciate parents taking time out of their busy day to come along. Understanding how phonics is taught in the classroom is invaluable to supporting pupils in their reading and writing at home so thank you!