Boarders Update Summer Week 4

With the lovely weather we had last week the boarders spent each evening outside. On Monday they played croquet on the headmaster’s lawn with Mrs. Costello, trying their hand at another new sport for a couple of the boarders in the house. Tuesday everyone went for a walk into Woodhall in the lovely weather and enjoyed an ice cream from the Co-op with some very strong debates on which ice cream really is the king of ice creams. On Wednesday the boarders went out on to the football field with Mr Jeffery and Madame Clayton and Mr Jeffrey showed all of the boys and girls how it is done on the pitch. Thursday saw the boarders go to the field again and they all enjoyed a game of quick cricket with Mrs Costello but when the cricket captain comes out to play a lot of runs get scored, well done Nathan H. After the School fete on Friday afternoon it was back out onto the field again in the nice weather where they threw a rugby ball around and then played a few games of bulldog in the grids. A great week rounded off very nicely.