Boarding House News - Spring Term, Week 2

Boarding Newsletter – Spring Term, Week 2

Our weekly Boarding House Newsletter, looking back on the week commencing Monday 9th January...

We designed our own family tree portrait this week. We have added all of our full-time boarders, flexi boarders, and regular ad-hoc boarders. It shows our boarders that, even though we come from many families outside of school, while we board, we are all part of one huge family. This, in our opinion, is the house's best artwork to date.

This week began with a competitive board game night, which was followed by some thought provoking discussions on our upcoming fundraiser for the games room. Even though plans are still being made, we are considering relay swimming and boarding house activities spread over a 12-hour period.

Tuesday's boarders had the opportunity to burn some of their energy playing dodgeball and Cornish long ball in the sports hall.

Making art for the walls on Wednesday night in the boarding house was a relaxing and enjoyable activity. I can't wait to display items that our pupils created on the wall. Additionally, since September, we've received a delivery of all the boarding photos, which I'm eager to display so that the boarders may relive some of their time spent with us.

The Year 7 & 8 Boys' Dorm is especially pleased with the changes made to their room, which now includes two extra beds and greater floor space. We are working on the dorms this term, so I can't wait to show you the full result in March.

The boarders played cards and battleships on Thursday during another games night. We postponed playing Pictionary so that we could order a more modern version (Pictionary air), which even I am looking forward to. Who would have thought that our boarders would keep me up-to-date with current trends? 

It was enjoyable to watch the boarders and Mr Morrison build the Scalextric that was once owned by Mrs Warwick-Smith and her brother. It touched my heart to see how many memories it brought back and to see the happiness on our boarders' faces. We'll elaborate on the foundational track the next week.

Activities for the week commencing 16th January:

  • Monday – Pictionary Air
  • Tuesday – Charades
  • Wednesday – 1940s Murder Mystery
  • Thursday – Mocktails & Board Games

Please see the School Calendar for a list of upcoming events and book in via:

Best Wishes,

Sarah Warwick-Smith, Boarding House Parent