Boarding House News - Week 11

Boarding Newsletter – Autumn Term, Week 11
Our weekly Boarding House Newsletter for the week commencing Monday 28th November...
We welcomed our Year 4 students into the boarding house on Monday. For several of them, this was their first experience of boarding, yet you wouldn't have known it! They handled everything with ease and total relaxation. Congratulations to all!
Making Christmas cards for our neighbourhood care homes was the first activity of the evening. Next, the fire brigade visited, giving children the chance to accessorise as firefighters or play the part of a casualty. Thank you to the Woodhall Spa Fire Brigade for coming and giving the students such an amazing experience.
The boarders gathered on Tuesday night to watch the England game. When England scored, our celebrations were almost certainly heard in the centre of town! In the Wellington room, a Christmas movie was also playing. The Wellington room's new layout undoubtedly gives it a cosier, more open feeling.
We delivered the handcrafted Christmas cards to two of the nearby care homes on Wednesday evening. While Lola and I remained at the back, it was delightful to see the Boarders take charge of this. The staff's beaming faces undoubtedly made it all worthwhile. We stopped for an Indian takeaway on the way back to school. The boarders gave this a big thumbs up; a lovely evening to help us unwind and prepare for the remainder of the week.
On Thursday, we divided into two groups; the Year 8 students decorated their common room, and the remaining Boarders played badminton in the sports hall. When they returned, we shared a fruit platter while preparing the house for Monday's decorating night, with the football playing in the background, of course! I can't wait for Monday's Christmas decorating night because this house already feels really festive!! I wanted to give Huxley special credit for hoovering the Wellington room after we finished placing the tree. He felt quite pleased with himself.
We begin our Christmas fortnight on Monday; there are so many events planned that even I am having trouble deciding which one I am most looking forward to. My top five undoubtedly includes gingerbread houses. On Tuesday, we will also happily welcome Year 5 students for their taster night.
Activities for the week commencing 5th December:
  • Monday – Christmas Decoration Night/Carol Singing
  • Tuesday – Christmas Crafts and Movie/Year 5 Taster
  • Wednesday – Christmas Bingo and Hot Chocolate (Tea in the Woods)
  • Thursday – Christmas Baking! 

Mrs Warwick-Smith, Boarding House Parent