Boarding House News - Week 8

Boarding House News - Week 8

Our weekly Boarding House Newsletter for the week commencing Monday 7th November...

As many of our senior boarders spent the day at their selected secondary school on Monday, our remaining boarders experienced a quieter evening. The house team unexpectedly experienced a range of emotions as a result. The idea of our Year 8 boarders departing for their senior school did trigger some emotions after only a short while as their new houseparent! Happy, joyful, and sorrowful!

On Monday, the boarders participated in a STEM-style contest to create a structure that could support the weight of several Jelly Babies in addition to being the tallest tower. Each building had its advantages, but one in particular displayed a remarkable degree of engineering and thought. Well done to all! Later on, the boarders ate fruit kebabs with chocolate sauce.

We had a busier evening of sixteen on Tuesday as we welcomed our seniors back to the boarding residence. The boarders' evening activity was Gaelic football, which was unfamiliar to most of them. Everyone participated fully and actively, displaying excellent rugby, netball, and football skills. Bagels and fruit, one of their favourite supper options, brought the event to a delicious end. It was a wonderful evening! We cooked our own pizzas on Wednesday in anticipation of supper. The remainder of the evening was spent relaxing in front of the TV or using the Wii.

We started our task for Remembrance Day on Thursday as well. A variety of craft possibilities were provided to the boarders so they could participate in the house window/art display. Later, we had fun assembling our Remembrance biscuits, which we promptly devoured for supper! Delicious!

There is one small tweak to our routines that will be introduced next week. A new breakfast schedule will be implemented, with a different seating arrangement each day to provide inclusivity for all boarders at breakfast. Additionally, I'm searching for a recycling and well-being ambassador for the boarding community. If any boarders are interested in one of these positions, they have been instructed to express their interest in writing a brief letter by Thursday, November 17, stating which position they are interested in and why.

Activities for the week commencing 14th November:

  • Monday – Dog Walk/Game Night
  • Tuesday – Karaoke Night
  • Wednesday – Movie and Pamper Night
  • Thursday – Swimming Pool Party!

Best Wishes, Mrs Warwick-Smith Boarding House Parent