Boarding Update Summer Week 1

Wednesday: After a few weeks off for Easter, the pupils were back at school ready to start summer term. Thankfully it was lovely weather, and our first day back was a busy one up in the boarding house. The first event of the new term saw us head to Lincoln for rock-wall climbing. The children were super excited to start climbing and use the other facilities on offer. It turned out to be a really enjoyable evening and all the boarders successfully climbed to the top of the rock-wall. Miss Bingham showed off her pool skills and gave Nathan H a good game, which came as a surprise to him. Mr McDonnell and Mr Jeffery got involved in a few games of football too! A great first day to the term.

Thursday: On Thursday we saw another very hot day, which makes everyone happy. Instead of board games on a Thursday night now, the boarders are playing croquet, taking advantage of the lighter evenings. The children all played really well, in particular the Year 2 boys who in the end won the game. With the boarding hobby finished, the boarders headed back upstairs to watch some films before bed.

Friday: We took advantage of a lovely evening and went outside to play cricket and football. The game actually got quite competitive with some really good batting from Henry H. The girls showed off their cricket skills and gave the boys a good game! Even Sam W had a go at batting. We headed back up to the boarding house and Miss H made everyone toasties and hot chocolate before bed, yummy! The hot weather certainly tired everyone out.


On Tuesday 1st May we will be hosting our second boarding event of the term and will be heading to Jubilee Park for an inflatables night. It’s going to be lots of fun and remember to get your children booked in early! Pupils need to be aged 8 or above and MUST be able to swim 50m. If you’d like your child to board that evening please contact Miss Hainsworth.