Boarding Update Summer Week 4

Monday evening was a slightly busier night than usual with a few year 2s coming to board which is always lovely to see. The boarders walked into Woodhall and went to the park at Jubilee where they played on the swings and ran around to burn off some energy before heading back to school. They then grabbed their tuck and enjoyed relaxing before bed time.

Tuesday night is always playing sport of some kind with Mrs Bonner-MacKenzie and Mr McDonnell. This week it was tennis and Nathan H was able to show off his tennis skills throughout the evening. This evening activity is always good fun and afterwards the boarders went back to the boarding house to watch a film and chat before bed.

On Wednesday Madame Clayton very kindly brought some DVD’s in with her and of course Harry Potter was chosen as it is always the favourite. The children, whilst snacking on some sweets watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which carried on into the evening.

The Thursday night hobby saw the boarders enjoy a game of croquet. Dion W and Alfie R have definitely improved their game and as always things got quite competitive…..who won in the end however? Afterwards, the boarders went back upstairs and watched some television.

Friday night brings ‘Fun Time Friday’ to the boarding house. With some lovely weather the boarders wanted to be outside playing capture the flag before having a lovely supper. Could it be hotdogs, a burger or a lovely cheese toastie made by Miss Hainsworth? This week it was a burger, which definitely went down a treat after lots of running around on the field. Mr Sinnot and Mr McDonnell had to get involved but were both on separate teams so things got competitive as usual! After enjoying the supper the children gathered in the common room to watch ‘Into the woods’ before heading to bed!

We hope everyone had a fantastic week! As always, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Hainsworth if you would like your child to board.