Boarding Update Summer Week 7

On Monday our boarders went up to the art room to get creative. They also managed to play a few games before heading back to the boarding house for a quiet evening. The evening continued with a good film and snacks.

Tuesday was a busy evening in the boarding house as it was induction day. We welcomed a lot of current Year 2 pupils as well as one or two from outside school. It was Raul’s birthday which meant party games and…CAKE!! The children had so much fun playing musical statues and dancing like crazy. We headed back up to the boarding house to relax and start the bedtime routine. We hope that the Year 2’s had a fun evening and that we see them again in the boarding house.

Wednesday is a ‘chillax’ night in boarding. After a good afternoon of sports matches the boarders were quite tired  and were more than happy to sit and relax watching movies. Tonight’s film choice was Diary of a Wimpy Kid! The children chatted and ate their tuck before heading to bed.

On Thursday the boarders played some fun games with Mr Goodhand and Mrs Costello. As always the games got competitive, but that’s never a bad thing. Once again we had a few Year 2 boys boarding and they definitely enjoyed themselves!

The weather was nice so luckily the boarders got to be outside for the hobby which saw us all play cricket. Mr McDonnell bowled well, however Alex showed off his batting skills hitting some good 4’s and 6’s. Miss Bingham and Dion fielded well and it was a very tight finish in the end with Mr McDonnell winning by 1 run on the final ball. We all went upstairs to enjoy Miss Hainsworth’s famous toasties which, as always, were yummy!

We hope everyone had a great week, and please do not hesitate to contact Miss Hainsworth if you would like your child to board.