Boarding Update - Week 5

Monday: Monday evening is baking night for the boarders. This time they all baked cookies and the choice was either double chocolate chip or chocolate chip. Mr Pickering and Miss Bingham couldn’t help but get involved. The cookies turned out great and went down a treat. Afterwards the boarders headed back upstairs to sit and relax and watch films.

Tuesday: On Tuesday the boarders went to the sports hall to play dodgeball. Albert showed off his dodging and throwing skills with some excellent plays throughout the game. The girls also didn’t hold back! This definitely tired out the boarders so they were very much looking forward to another relaxed evening before heading to bed.

Wednesday: This evening the boarders played some fun games with Madame Clayton and Mr Jefferies. Kai made sure he got some playing time on the Xbox enjoying a fun race car driving game!

Thursday: On Thursday evening the boarders were quite competitive playing a game of dominos with Mrs Appleton. After prep the boarders sat and watched the Brits before Nathan reminded Miss Hainsworth that we all needed to finish his favourite film before bed. He and the rest of the boarders went to bed happy after finally getting the film finished.

Friday: Friday night as always is a lot of fun, and this week we decided to play a big game of hide and seek. First on were Charlie and Louis. Miss Bingham took her opportunity to find a great hiding place, which I won’t reveal here, but it took the children quite a while to spot her. However Jasmine and Annabel proved to be the best hiders winning this round. We decided to change the rules slightly and poor Albert ended up staying hidden for two whole rounds…

We all headed back to the boarding house and had some supper whilst watching the France v Italy rugby game, well the girls not so much, but think the boys enjoyed it!