Boarding Update - Week 7

After the excitement of last week’s snow and the week being cut short, on Monday the boarders tested their artistic prowess as they made some masterpieces with the DT laser cutter. Then on Tuesday evening they went off to the sports hall again and had free play with the netballs allowing the girls to show off their skills they have been learning in their games lessons whilst the boys tried to match their talents.

Wednesday was a rest night from activities as they had all had fixtures in the afternoon. This meant chilling out and watching a movie with Mr Jeffrey and Madame Clayton. The progress on the jigsaw puzzle is going strong as it is nearing its completion. On Thursday the boarders played games in the common room with Mr Goodhand and a few of the other boarders travelled to Horncastle for hockey training at the club. After this they watched a film.

Don't forget next term’s boarding activity is on the very first day of the Summer term and looks like it is going to be popular. The boarders will be going to Lincolnshire’s largest indoor climbing wall at The Showroom on Tritton Road. The wall offers over 100 different routes in a variety of grades and styles to suit all abilities. If you child(ren) would like to join in please let the Boarding House know on before the end of term as it will be a popular event.