Boarding Update - Week 8

Monday night saw the boarders head to the art room and get stuck in with the laser cutter with Mr Pickering and Mrs C-J. After creating some fab art work the boarders headed back upstairs to get into their PJ’s and relax before bed. We spent the evening chatting and watching some films.

Tuesday nights are usually spent in the sports hall, however this week the boarders decided it would be equally fun to play Kahoot. Mr Mcdonnell and Mrs Bonner-MacKenzie definitely got competitive and showed off their quiz knowledge. After that, Ruby and Annabel thought it would be a good idea to do the boys make-up. Sorry Mr McDonnell but I don’t think that’s a look you should be going for… but well done girls for making him look very pretty! The children chatted between them then headed to bed after a fun evening.

As always on most Wednesdays the children have an afternoon of sports and matches against other schools. Luckily for them it’s a chillax evening spent playing some fun games in the boarding house or sat watching films. Tonight’s film choice was Ratburger…interesting name. The boarders and staff kept it competitive afterwards and had a Wii golf competition, wonder who won that one? (Not Mr Jefferies)

Thursday night saw a few newbies in the boarding house which is always lovely. Some of the Year 2 boys boarded and had so much fun! Mr Goodhand and Mrs Costello had the boarders playing card games as well as more Wii competitions, and a dance off!!! After busting some great moves on the Wii, this definitely tired the children out, so everyone sat round and watched some films before bed.

On Friday night the children wanted to play hide and seek in the classroom block, the rules are lights must stay turned off in classrooms. This proved to be a lot of fun as both Henry H and Digby V struggled to find anyone in the dark spaces of the classrooms. At one point Henry H was adamant someone started whistling the star wars theme tune back to him… spooky. After running around and getting very tired for an hour it was time to head back up to the boarding house for some supper and hot chocolate.

If you would like your child to board please do not hesitate to contact Miss Hainsworth. Also we have some very exciting boarding activities coming up next term, with our first trip to a rock-climbing facility in Lincoln, which will take place on the first Wednesday back after Easter holidays. Numbers are limited so please book before the end of term on