Bowling Boarders

We are having lots of fun in the boarding house at the moment, especially with all the different celebrations that have been happening.

Our weekly boarders had a pumpkin carving competition at the start of term and we were able to display them on the stairs leading up to the house. It did get very competitive but we couldn’t decide on a winner; each had their own individual twist to them.

Friday 3rd November was a busy evening and another competitive one as we took the boarders to the Boston Bowl for a couple of games. They were all really supportive of each other, although some lanes were more competitive than others; staff included.

CHRISTMAS DECORATION NIGHT - Get booked in for our Christmas decoration night – Friday 1st December. It is definitely going to be a busy one and will help us all get into the Christmas spirit.

As always please email me if you would like your child to join us for any nights in the boarding house –

It has been so nice seeing so many new faces in the boarding house this term and we would love to see more of you.

Boarders committee meeting Thursday 16th November.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Miss Hainsworth and team