Bringing Learning to Life

Year 4’s topic work on the Ancient Maya has been truly brought to life thanks to special guests and speakers...

Firstly they welcomed a chocolatier for an interactive workshop to find out all about the origin of chocolate. They smelt and tasted the raw ingredients before making and packaging their own chocolate bar!

A second event saw them partake in a live Q&A session with Dr Diane Davies – the only British archaeologist studying the Ancient Maya. Her enthusiasm inspired the children with them all asking fantastic questions on everything from artefacts and sacrifices to death masks and ball games. 

No one could ever have anticipated the third special guest – none other than Keagan’s Grandad, who we discovered is an ecological anthropologist. Dr James D Nations has been learning from Lacandón Maya families for more than forty years and everyone was fascinated to hear that he even lived with them for three years and continues to visit annually. Keagan’s classmates couldn’t quite believe it and everyone thoroughly enjoyed finding out about his Grandad’s work and seeing all his amazing photos!