Chinese Culture & Language Day

Children celebrated the Year of the Dragon when they enjoyed a Chinese Culture and Language Day at Uppingham School.

Thank you to Tara P and April S for their recount of the day:

On Thursday 29th February, April, Tara, Edmund, Sam, Tabitha, Ela, Annabelle and Megan went to Uppingham for a Chinese workshop to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. We started in the main area where we got our name tags and we were put into groups. For the first workshop, Tabitha and Ela’s group did Chinese greetings. Tara and Sam learnt about Chinese characters and made bookmarks with our names in Mandarin Chinese. April and Megan’s group made Chinese dumplings, and Edmund and Annabelle’s group made an origami fish and did Chinese paper cutting. After that, we swapped so we could all try out all the activities.

Before lunch, we went on a tour around the school. First we went to the science building and saw some of the newest buildings in the school. We went to the art and design centre – it was amazing to see so many portraits. Next, we went to the sports centre. It was massive – there was a sports hall, a gym and gymnastics areas! Then the most important area for the day was the languages department – it was gigantic and pupils can learn quite a lot of different languages.

After the tour, we went back to the main area and ate the dumplings that we had made for lunch! The last thing we did was the traditional dragon dancing. It was so fun and some of the Uppingham pupils played the drums for us! Then it was the end of the day and we came back to school.

A massive thank you to Mrs Bonner-MacKenzie for taking us and Mme Clayton for organising it. Thank you to Uppingham School for such a great fun day!

By Tara P and April S