Classics Lecture

Prep pupils were lucky enough to take part in a Classics Lecture delivered by Sam Dewhurst of Uppingham School.

Year 5 pupils were joined by Latin students in Years 6-8 to hear all about what life was like for a wealthy Roman. The presentation explored everything from waking up and going back to bed; what they wore; where they lived; and how they spent their day frequenting the roman baths and forum. Pupils also discovered what toys the children played with.

Everyone was particularly intrigued by the bottle of olive oil Sam had brought in to show them along with an item called a strigil. Pupils learnt this was for cleansing and had a go using the olive oil and strigil on their arms! Although that proved nothing compared to the smell of a bottle of garum (fish sauce) that everyone had the opportunity to smell. Apparently, the Romans liked to put it on all their food. The resounding opinion from pupils was “yuk”!