Crime and Punishment

Year 3 travelled to Lincoln Castle as part of their topic on crime and punishment.

Everyone returned to school excited by all they had learnt whilst touring the castle and prison, and Mrs Corner was very impressed with the fantastic recounts the class produced.

George P wrote:

“On Tuesday the 31st January we visited Lincoln Castle as part of our topic on crime and punishment. We were mainly looking at the Victorian Prison.

On the walls it was very windy but we just had to walk. We could see for miles. Then we went into the dungeons where there was graffiti from the prisoners. It felt really weird knowing that hundreds of prisoners were standing where I was standing. Then right at the end of the walls there was a graveyard for all thirty three men and three women.

Joseph Ralph escaped twice from Lincoln Castle. The second escape was the best escape. He used his brain for most of the escape. He chewed some bread he used to mould a key, stole, coal, blankets, some sharp stones from the exercise yard. Then he stopped at his friend’s house to get some clothes and then walked to Nottingham. Then a police officer thought he was shifty so Joseph punched him on the nose!"

Although, Edward R’s comment definitely sums up everyone’s thoughts on what life in the prison was like…

“I’m just glad I’m in the 21st Century!”

The whole class, including Mrs Corner and Miss Williams, enjoyed dressing up and getting into character!