Croissants, Chocolate and Kites

Last week, 15 pupils from Year 5 visited Etaples-sur Mer, near Boulogne sur Mer, in France. They had a very busy week and activities ranged from visiting a sweet factory to making croissants in a bakery and completing a questionnaire at a typical French market. The children are now experts on the life of a fisherman in Boulogne and how to make chocolate from cocoa beans and they have practised a lot of French. 

They were very lucky this year that the trip coincided with the Berk sur Mer International Kite festival and Year 5 had a lovely day on the beach flying kites, building a fort and watching international teams fly incredible kites. They even saw the biggest kite in the world (48 metres large!) All the children came back with a huge smile on their faces and lots of exciting stories to tell. The weather was warm and sunny all week and everyone would have been quite happy to stay another week…a big Merci to all the staff for their help and to all the children who were a credit to the school throughout the trip.