Deck the Halls, Stairs, Common Room!

What a fabulous Christmas decoration evening the boarders had this week. Forty eight children were showered and changed by 7pm and ready to hit their stations. Year 7 and 8 boarders decorated the Work room, Year 5 and 6 boarders decorated the Games room, and Year 2, 3 and 4 boarders decorated the Common room.  It was organised mayhem and the rooms filled with laughter very quickly. The Head boy and girl plus the weekly boarders went down and helped decorate the main tree with all the decorations kindly made by all the pre-prep classes. Make sure you take a look – it looks beautiful. We soon finished and moved on to delicious hot chocolate, marshmallows and amazing Christmas biscuits made by the kitchen staff.  We had a Christmas sing song on the staircase and then moved up to the boarding house for some festive games.

Another fantastic evening in the house and we are looking forward to the last couple of weeks of school.