Final Hockey & Rugby Leagues

Last week saw the final fixtures of our intra-school hockey and rugby leagues. Every member of our prep-school represented their team over the course of the league which started back in Week 4 of the Autumn Term. Results have been published weekly, including goal scorers, and this has motivated the players to work hard on the pitch and contribute to their team. 

There were some exciting games and it was great to see lots of points being scored by a number of players.  Final league results can be seen below.  Congratulations to the following teams for finishing top of the league  -

Hockey (3-5) - Dragons
Hockey (6-8) - Crista
Rugby (3-5) - Tigers (on goals FOR!)
Rugby (6-8) - Johnson

Well done to our to our top goal scorers  -

Hockey (3-5) - Ailsa
Hockey (6-8) - Beth
Rugby (3-5) - Aydin
Rugby (6-8) - Elliot 

Years 3-5 Boys

Years 3-5 Girls

Years 6-8 Boys

Years 6-8 Girls