Fingers On the Buzzer

On Tuesday 15th of November, eight Year 6 pupils travelled to Uppingham for the On the Buzzer general knowledge quiz.

Annabelle J (A Team member) and Megan B (B Team member) have provided a recount of the event. Well done to everyone!

  • By Annabelle J (Team A)

“On Tuesday the 15th of November, Year 6 travelled to Uppingham for the On the Buzzer general knowledge quiz. We were split evenly into an A and B team. The A team included Eli, Annabelle, William C and Euan and the B team included Megan, Charles, Toby and Millie.

When we arrived we had some refreshments and then split into different rooms to compete to finalise into the semi-finals. The scoring was 10 points for a question. There were starter questions and extra questions if you buzzed first on the starter. A team went into the lecture theatre to compete against Witham As and Beeston Hall. First we played against Witham. They were a tough team but we managed to beat them 70 - 80. Eli was amazing on the buzzer simply buzzing it before the question was even read out fully! We then got a break and got to watch Witham As play Beeston Hall. Next it was our turn. We played Beeston Hall and won 150-80. Some of the questions were quite tough but we had to remember we were not allowed to debate answers on the starter questions.

Then we returned to meet the other teams whilst waiting for the results on who would go through to the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, St Hugh’s B team did not get through but they went on to compete for the plate cup. St Hugh's A team did and competed against Spratton Hall – we beat them 170-30 so got through to the semi-final!  We lost 190-170, so by only two questions! So, unfortunately, we didn’t get through but we stayed to watch the finals. In the end, Brooke Priory won overall. Well done to everybody who came to On the Buzzer and thank you to Mrs Bonner-Mackenzie for taking us and the parents that came to support our teams.”

  • By Megan B (Team B)

“On Tuesday 15th of November, eight of us travelled to Uppingham for the On the Buzzer quiz. We got there and then split off into our groups and went into the first round. In this round, Team B did very well and had some very tough competitors 

First we were against Spratton Hall. We did very well and it was very close but they just beat us. Next we played Brooke Priory. It was a tough match as Brooke Priory were very quick on the buzzer. Sadly we only won one round against them.

Then we played Spratton Hall again. This time we did not do so well as Spratton had got very quick on the buzzer. Finally, we then played Brooke Priory again. There was a round in that match that was slightly concerning in how much a particular member of our group knew about wine – but, sadly, this was not enough for us to win!

As we had come last in our group, we then went in to a plate competition against Old Buckenham Hall and Witham B. We did very well in this round and knew a lot but sadly we were two points off getting through to the plate final.

Well done to the team – we all did very well.”