Food from the Fields

On Monday 11th May Year 5 visited Abbey Farm to spend a morning learning about food and farming.

After an introduction to the farm the children walked across to the ruins of the old Abbey which is situated in Abbey Field on the farm and listened to a short history talk about the Abbey and the environmental changes which have taken place over time.

Then Year 5 were very excited as they had a tour of the fields riding inside a trailer pulled by a tractor driven by Mr Nelstrop. The children looked at the different soil types in the fields and the crops that were growing in them, wheat, barley, carrots and miscanthus.  After they were taken back to the farmyard for a summary and question and answer session. Then after being given a farming activity booklet to complete in their own time, they were told to take note of the food that they were going to eat for lunch and think about where it had originated from.

A very interesting and thought provoking morning hopefully resulting in the children taking more notice of what is growing in the local fields.