Geography at Whisby

The children were put into teams and then all took part in an action packed day of fun activities which were mostly outside. In the morning they collected lake water and then made their own water filter which comprised of layers to filter out the debris making it clear. Then they collected dry twigs to make a fire to boil their water making it safe to drink. They all enjoyed a drink of hot chocolate made with their freshly filtered/ boiled water accompanied by chocolate chip cookies.

Afterwards they were challenged to make a boat out of any natural resources they could find. The teams named their boats and had a boat race on the lake. All the teams were successful in that the boats were buoyant.

The warm weather was a bonus so we stayed outside and ate our picnic lunches before starting the afternoon activities which comprised of pond dipping and collecting the pond life in a bucket. The children then took their buckets inside and with some help and guidance classified their findings. Then they were lucky enough to see all their pond life insects magnified on the big screen to identify them and watch their movements.

It was such an interesting and busy day that all the children returned to school in high spirits after learning something new about the topic on water.