Oakham Girls U11/12 Cricket Masterclass (A)

Please see downloads for TEAM SHEET.

Report by Megan B

On Wednesday 12th June  the Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7 girls went to Oakham school for a cricket masterclass. When we got there we got split into two groups that were group three and group four of the 12 groups there from a variety of schools.

Group three was the Year 7 girls, the Year 6 girls and April in Year 5. Group four was the remainder of the Year 5 girls.  

Once we had got into are groups we then went round and did lots of different stations to do with cricket. The all-round favourites were either heading a tennis ball with a helmet on or diving on to a crash mat to catch a ball. 

Once we had finished the activities we then went and had a match tea which was some very yummy hot dogs! 

Once we had all had our match tea we sat in a circle and had a little Q&A with some of the women's first team and the coaches from Leicestershire Cricket Club. 

It was a fab day and everyone enjoyed it very much.