Gordonstoun Trip

We set off from school on the Friday morning around 7.45 on the short trip to Humberside airport. Alice, Amelia, Toby Louis and Henry then spent most of their money on a second breakfast of the morning. We flew in a 36 seater propellored plane, which was quite noisy but got us to Aberdeen airport on time. After collecting our baggage we joined six other teams (who had arrived from Heathrow) on a bus journey to Gordonstoun.  At the school we met our two pupil ambassadors who were looking after us for the weekend, they were John who was local, and Kat who was from Brazil and had joined in Year 12. The tents were already in place so we unpacked quickly and then met a few pupils from the 17 other schools.

Gordonstoun is well known for all the public service that the pupils do and the afternoon challenges were all related to that. There were activities connected with the fire service, mountain rescue, first aid, coast guard, and others.  Following this the pupils were shown around the school.  After dinner the school put on a music and dance performance in the theatre that all the pupils and teachers attended. As the school is so far North, there is very little darkness at this time of year, with the sun coming up around 2.30am! As a result there were some early risers from the tents on Saturday morning! Saturday is the main challenge day with the pupils being marked on a variety of tasks including Art, DT, physical challenges, and puzzles.  This culminated on Sunday morning with a procession and ultimate challenge which involved filling a container with water in order to get a ball out as quickly as possible.

At the end of the challenge we had to leave in order to get our flight back to Humberside.  We had all had a great weekend at an amazing school and had been well looked after by all the staff and pupils. Thank you Gordonstoun!