GOTRI Woodhall Spa 2

GOTRI Woodhall Spa 2

Event Details

Date:         Saturday 14th September 2019

Time:         Registration - 9.30am

                  Wave 1 Start - 10.30am

Venue:      St Hugh’s School, Cromwell Avenue, Woodhall Spa, LN10 6TQ

Distance:   Aquathlon Starter (8+) - 50m swim/500m run

                  Aquathlon (9+) – 100m swim/1km run

                  Triathlon (8-10) - 50m swim/1km bike/500m run

                  Triathlon (11-14) - 100m swim/2km bike/1km run

Contact:    Katie Felton Email: Tel: 07889570172

Final Event Information

Welcome to GOTRI Woodhall Spa 2 and thank you for entering our second GOTRI event at St Hugh’s.  Entries are now closed and we are delighted to have a total of 47 entries across the four events.  All the information you require can be found below but if you do have any questions we are here to help so please ask!

Confirmation of Entry

Competitors are requested to check the participant list to ensure they have been allocated a competitor number and start time. To download the participant list please click here


Please be assured that this is a GOTRI event which is ideal for children who do not have any or much experience in multi-events.  It is therefore not competitive and although we will produce overall times for every participant the emphasis is on taking part and racing against yourself. There are however a few rules which must be adhered to to keep everyone safe.

  • Participants must wear a cycle helmet which fits them
  • Bikes must be in roadworthy condition (working brakes, handle bar ends sealed so hole is plugged)
  • Trainers must be on securely before leaving transition and will be checked
  • No headphones allowed
  • There will no overtaking on the bike course at the specified point on map

What you will need

  • Swimming costume/shorts or tri suit
  • Goggles recommended
  • Supportive running trainers (elastic laces recommended)
  • T-shirt (unless using a tri suit and race belt)
  • Roadworthy bike (Triathlon only)
  • Bike Helmet (Triathlon only)
  • A small towel (hand towel size) for transition
  • A towel for showering after the event



It is your responsibility to register at an appropriate time in order to set up transition and report to poolside ready to swim 10 minutes before your wave start time.   The registration area will be in a white marquee as you enter the venue. Please ensure before registering you know your competitor number/wave start time and you have checked all details are correct such as your age group and event.  This can be found on the Participant list. All competitors should be accompanied by an adult when registering.  

At registration, you will be given the following:

  • 2 Tyvek competitor numbers (one to be attached to front of t-shirt, one to back)
  • 8 safety pins (unless using a race belt)
  • Coloured wristband (required to enter transition)
  • Competitor number marked on upper left arm

Transition area

The transition area is positioned on the grass area to the side of the swimming pool. This is a fully secured area for competitors, and it is where you will keep your bike during the swim and run sections. To get into transition area you must show your coloured wristband and competitor number.  Competitors may be accompanied by ONE adult when setting up transition between 9.30am and 10.30am.  All competitors are expected to have transition set up by 10.30am. There will be marshals in transition who will be able to help with this process.

After registering, you will need to set up your transition at the location matching your competitor number - with all the kit you require during the race. For Triathlon, this will include racking your bike, and laying out your helmet, trainers for cycling and running and your t-shirt (with race numbers attached), plus any other items of clothes you wish to put on after the swim (for eg. a pair of shorts if desired). For Aquathlon, this will include your trainers for running and your t-shirt (with race number attached).  You may like to have a small hand towel in transition to dry your feet. Please be aware you have limited space to leave your clothes and shoes so please leave any bags with parents once set up.

Transition will remain open throughout the event so please understand that if you are not racing, you make a clear way for racing competitors. You should only return to transition to collect your belongings and will again be required to show your coloured wristband and competitor number.  No accompanying adults at this stage please.

Please familiarise yourself with the entrance and exit points in transition before you start. (BIKE OUT, BIKE IN, RUN OUT). These are clearly marked out on the maps but it is also helpful to walk through these on the day before you start.

Race Start

The first wave of Aquathlon competitors will start at 10.30am and the timekeeper will start either 3 or 4 swimmers at 2 minute intervals. It is expected that the last competitor will start at 10.55am. Please ensure that you arrive on poolside 10 minutes before your wave start time. All competitors should access poolside via the changing rooms, and spectators via the main entrance door.


Please note there will be no chip timing so timing splits will not be recorded. Overall times will be noted and published on the GOTRI website following the event.

The Swim

The swim will take place in our indoor heated pool where changing rooms and competitor toilets are also situated. Please note changing rooms are for competitors only and will be staffed appropriately. Once competitors are on poolside they will be given a seat.  Before their wave start time, they will all be briefed by the pool marshal to remind them of lane number, number of lengths, direction of swim etc. All competitors will be loaned a GOTRI swimming cap.

All Aquathlon Starter and Triathlon 8-10 year competitors will swim 3 lengths starting at the Deep end and exiting the water at the Shallow end. All Aquathlon (9+) and Triathlon (11-14 years) will swim 6 lengths starting and exiting the water at the Shallow end. It is normal to count your own lengths but there will be staff to help with this.

Swimmers will be asked to swim in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction within their lane and there will be signage to help them with this. There will be between one and three swimmers in each lane at any given time and it is the responsibility of the faster swimmer to overtake, although it is worth bearing in mind it is easier to swim behind someone (drafting). Tumble turns are permitted but swimmers must take care as they will be sharing a lane. All competitors will start in the water and will be given a 5 second countdown before a whistle start.

On exiting the pool at the shallow end, swimmers will be directed along poolside to the pool exit located at the deep end. No running permitted. There will be a bucket for caps but swimmers should take their own goggles to transition. The run to transition is short and mainly grass surface.  There will be marshals directing them through the run funnel towards transition.

Transition 1 (T1)

On entering transition, competitors should firstly find their competitor number where they have their belongings.

Aquathlon competitors - we suggest they stand on their hand towel while putting on their t-shirt or race belt and then put on their trainers. They will then make their way to the RUN OUT gate and follow the signs around the course.

Triathlon competitors - we suggest they stand on their hand towel while putting on their t-shirt/race belt and then put on and fasten their helmet. They can then put their trainers on. Please note an important rule that all competitors must adhere to for safety reasons: ‘competitors are required to fasten their helmet before touching their cycle in the transition area’.  You can then lift your bike off the rack and either walk or run with your bike towards the BIKE OUT gate. You cannot mount your bike until you are over the mount line. Proceed around the bike course.

The Bike

The bike course is a 1km lap on the grass pitches with no traffic.  Please note you should not cycle closer than 10m to the bike in front of you as this is considered to be taking pace from other competitors. This rule is also in place to keep you safe. If you are overtaking, it is normal practice to have 20 seconds to do this and you must overtake on the outside (as if overtaking in a car).  Marshals will be in place in key areas and will be reminding cyclists to slow down at corners/on the downhill. There is one point on the course, where there is two way traffic and although this is separated by a physical boundary, it is essential that competitors slow down as these corners are particularly tight. There will be no overtaking at this section. Please refer to the map (gap in the hedge between the bottom and top field). When you reach the end of the bike section, dismount your bike before the dismount line, walk or run with your bike into transition via the BIKE IN gate.

*Please note the 11-14 age group complete 2 laps of the bike route (see map)

Transition 2 (T2)

Re-rack your bike back in your original racking position at YOUR COMPETITOR NUMBER. The marshals will be on hand to help you through this process.  Please note another rule that must be adhered to: ‘Competitors must not unfasten their helmet until their bike is racked’. If wearing a race belt, please ensure you change your number from back to front for the run. Proceed to the RUN OUT gate and continue on the run course.

The Run

Exit the transition area through the RUN OUT gate and proceed around the run course. The run course has signage and marshals. There will be a water station within the first 100m of the course. The run is also traffic free and on grass, with a very small tarmac path to cross.

*Please note the Aquathlon (9+) and Triathlon (11-14) complete 2 laps of the run route (see map). They will be given an elastic band on completing their first lap so marshals are aware of who is coming in to finish (see map).


The finish line will be clearly marked with flags and is positioned in front of the Pavilion where spectators will be cheering you on - so make sure you finish the race in style! On crossing the line the timer will note down your finish time and you will be presented with a goody bag including your event medal and some well-deserved snacks. You will then be directed away from the finish area where you can meet your parents/guardian.  Remember your belongings can be collected from transition any time after but this, but must be done by the competitor themselves.

Medical Cover

The safety of our competitors is paramount. Onsite during the event will be St John’s Ambulance, who will deal with any medical issues should they arise. There are also a number of first aiders who will be marshalling. If before, during or after the event, you feel you require medical care, please report to any event marshal (in high vis vests) or go straight to the medical base which will be clearly signed.


Spectators are very welcome to attend this event and are very much encouraged. The swim can be watched either on poolside (behind railings) or from the outside through the glass windows. You are welcome to go out on to the bike and run course to support your child. Please use the designated crossing areas and stay in the inside of the bike and run routes. Pacing is not permitted.


If you have purchased a sports performance t-shirt this can be collected at registration. A great memento following perhaps your first (of many) multi-event!s There may be a few t-shirts on sale on the day at a cost of £15.00.

Car Parking

There will be free car parking available for competitors in the Sports Hall Car Park at the back of St Hugh’s School, located on the corner between Stanhope Avenue and Tor-o-Moor Road.  There should be sufficient space for competitors but parking is also available at the front of school on Cromwell Avenue.


There will be a range of refreshments on sale in our Pavilion (please refer to map) for both spectators and participants throughout the morning.


Toilets for participants are situated in the pool changing rooms. For all spectators, toilets are situated in the Pavilion and to the side of the Pavilion. These will be clearly marked.

Thank You!

Finally, it takes a great amount of work to organise an event such as this and we are relying on volunteers who have very kindly agreed to give up their free time.  A huge thank you to St Hugh’s for hosting this event at such a spectacular setting, to the catering team for providing refreshments, the marketing team for promoting the event, and to the ground staff for setting up.