History Re-enacted

On Monday Year 6 visited Lincoln Castle as part of their current topic. We viewed the original Magna Carta having seen an informative video about the origins and worldwide importance of this historic document which fortunately for us is on our doorstep. Then we enacted the key events leading up to King John’s sealing of the Magna Carta; Will H performed a gruelling death of the king dying from dysentery, Joseph was a masterful William Marshall, peasant Charlie died in a muddy puddle and Toby got into role as a fierce dog! The pupils stayed in costume to take part in a banquet where strict etiquette had to be followed and jesters’ jokes were cheered or booed (mostly booed as the standard was not up to much!). After lunch we went on a wall walk where various features of the castle were pointed out and recognised from our learning this term. Finally the armour and weapons were brought out. The helmets and gauntlets were tried on for size and it was astonishing to discover how heavy but how well-crafted they were. Much interest was taken in the various lethal weapons on view and how they would have been used. It was all rounded off with a catapult shootout between the two classes.