Into The Deep

Year 1 visited The Deep on Friday 20th April as an introduction to their new topic of Oceans and Seas. They saw many different species of animals and learnt about the different continents.

Their journey started at The Kingdom of Ice and the children discovered what life lurks within the coldest oceans… Penguins! They viewed the penguins from above and below the water and watched them play, waddle and swim.

After a quick Geography based lesson they continued their journey via a lift which travelled up through the huge tank with loads of sharks, turtles and sting rays!

An interesting fact is that coral reefs cover less than 1% of our oceans, but they contain 25% of the world’s fish species! However Year 1 were shocked to learn that every year millions of tonnes of litter end up in the oceans, causing a wealth of health problems to marine animals.

During the day the pupils were transported around the world and over the oceans and seas, which take up 70% of the Earth, to different continents. They carried out activities for each of the 7 continents, learning about the different cultures and even ordered food in an African language! They had to use compass directions to move across North America and find facts about animals that live in the Artic.

They all had a fabulous day at The Deep and returned back with their “goody bags”.