Junior Music Concert 2024

Our Junior Concert is one of the highlights of the Spring term. It features every single child from Year 2-6. This year they were all singing and playing instruments!

Year 2 performed a piece composed by themselves on the recorder. It was named “Jazzy Pants” and featured a We Will Rock You ending to tie in with the upcoming Senior Production. Year 3 played in a djembe drum circle, performing “Jabba Jabba Djembe”. Year 4 formed a ukulele ensemble, performing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”. Year 5 took to the pBuzz to play a piece titled “Long Note”, featuring some improvisation and lots of movement whilst playing! Year 6 played more traditional instruments, performing “A Million Dreams” from the Greatest Showman.

Also featured were the St Hugh’s School Pop Choir, singing ”Party In The USA”, again with a dance routine and some superb vocal quality. There were a number of soloists taking to the stage, including some first time performers. Olivia A and Genevieve C graced the stage in their debut performances, singing “Singin’ In The Rain” and “In My Own Little Corner” respectively. James F debuted on the clarinet playing “Hatikvah”, and Emily G made her first performance playing “Sakura” on flute. Returning performers included Sam H and George G on cello (“Turkey In The Straw” and “City Lights”), Lulu H singing (“Maybe”) and Rory S on trumpet (“The Bare Necessities”). It really was a varied programme featuring our young musicians!

The grand finale of the concert included every child singing “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars, followed by every child playing an instrument alongside our award winning St Hugh’s School Jazz Band, playing “C Jam Blues” and some children took turns improvising with them.

It was great to see the children’s enthusiasm and joy as they played and watched their peers perform. Mr Ferguson is incredibly proud of the children. They are always full of energy and perform with gusto and passion. A huge thank you to all involved in another terrific concert!