Lincolnshire Schools’ Golf Competition

Thank you to Megan B for her recount of the the day:

"On Monday the 29th of April  Ellis and I went to play in the Lincolnshire Schools Golf Competition at South Kyme. We were competing in a Stableford competition which meant that we got points for our score on every hole. We get two points for getting par and then one less point for every shot we are worse than the holes par and one more point for every shot we are better than the par. The aim by the end of the round is to have 36 points. 

Ellis teed off at 10:33 and then I was directly behind him at 10:42. The round was really challenging because while some shots were going really far because of the wind being behind us other shots were going right into trees as we were playing into a headwind which was taking everything right.

We both did very well with Ellis coming into the clubhouse with 25 points and me coming into the clubhouse with 47 points. 

In the boys, Ellis came 18th overall out of 30. Given that he is a primary aged pupil competing against predominately secondary school aged players this was super. In the girls, I came 1st out of nine. There was also an overall competition where each school chose the two best of their three scores and they were added together to make the total this made St Hughs at a disadvantage as we only had two players so we knew our scores would count regardless of how we played. We finished just four points behind the winners as the winners got 76 points and we got 72 points. We are not sure where we came as they only announced 1st for this category but we did very well considering we did not have a full team.  

We had a great day and there were some brilliant shots!"

Megan B, St Hugh’s Year 7 & Woodhall Spa Junior Girls’ Vice Captain