Music at The Inn 11.30am - 12.20pm

Music at the Inn

Tuesday 5th December, 11.30am-12.30pm

The following pupils are invited to perform! If, for any reason, they are unable to, please let me know as soon as possible (

Many thanks,

Mr Mark Ferguson

Director of Music


Y3 Willow G, George G


Y4 Hetty C


Y5 Olivia A, Coco W, Genevieve C, Penelope L, Rosie F, Tara P


Y6 Sam H, Rory S, Lulu H, James F


Y7 Toby O, Megan B, Kitty W, Jemima S, Alicia T, Charles B


Y8 Joseph L, Jenson G, Aydin T, Charlotte T, Grace L, Scarlett G, Florence L, Peyton N, 

Lucia H, Amelia F