News from the English Department

We are thrilled to launch our first Reading Bulletin of 2018 from the English Department.

The bulletin is sent out monthly to all parents and provides useful information about recent releases in children's fiction. The Young Adult reads are generally recommended for Years 7 and 8 only; the intermediate books for Years 3-6 (although some may be better suited to confident readers); and the Junior books for Year 1 and above. The Junior readers however are suitable for all ages, and provide excellent opportunities to practise reading aloud or to read stories together.

To read this month’s Reading Bulletin please click here.

We are also initiating a Donation Tree in the school library, where children can bring in books they no longer want to be put into circulation in the school library. The Year 7 librarians are working extremely hard reorganising the library and we hope to have a grand relaunch on World Book Day this year. Donated books can now be left on the white tree shelf by the computers. If children leave their full name on a piece of paper inside the book, a permanent sticker will then be added to the book, thanking the donor for their contribution. Their old books can then be enjoyed by St Hugh's pupils for many years to come!

This term has also seen the launch of a Reading Award scheme for Years 6-8. All pupils have been issued with a Bronze Reading Booklet which they can complete to be rewarded for their independent reading. With the increasing pressures of prep and examinations for these year groups, it is perhaps even more important that daily independent reading continues to be a source of enjoyment and learning. Please do encourage your children to continue working on these booklets at home and Mrs Bonner-MacKenzie will be organising an end-of-term treat for any children who have received their Bronze Award over the Spring term.