On the Buzzer 2023

A group of five eager Year 6 pupils donned their thinking caps and travelled to Uppingham for the annual 'On the Buzzer' quiz.

Those of you au fait with University Challenge will be aware that successfully answering a starter question enables the team to then take control of the three follow-up questions and can also then confer with each other.

We proved to be very quick on the buzzer, particularly Sam, but well supported by Rory, James, George and Noah who all pitched in with excellent contributions. Questions were well-pitched to be challenging but not impossible, and included a multitude of topics - from nursery rhymes to prime ministers and from the mathematics of circles to world religions.

The team performed superbly and worked really well together, reaching the semi-finals! This is a fantastic achievement as the other teams who had got to this stage were from larger schools fielding A and B teams.