On the River

Luckily for an early October day we were blessed with warm sunshine for our Rivers fieldwork trip to Snipe Dales and Gibraltar Point. Firstly we found the source of the river and we followed its course downhill, looking at features such as meanders and valleys, and considering the different landscapes, vegetation and shapes of the river along the way. 

At the confluence of two rivers we took samples of the water and examined the organisms living there. We also measured the temperature, depth and width of the river. Using dog biscuits, a tape measure and stopwatches we then measured the speed of the river. 

After an al fresco lunch, we travelled down to Gibraltar Point and tracked the final stages of the same river as it entered the sea. We could compare the different shape of the river here and the different vegetation and shape of the terrain – which was quite a contrast from its beginnings at Snipe Dales.

Mr Jeffery, Head of History and Geography